primo piano della crostata alle fragole e timo

Strawberry and thyme tart

Strawberry and Thyme tart

Crostata alla fragola e timo con scritta in legno

Strawberry and thyme tart with cocoa and lactose free shortcrust pastry

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Summer is coming and also the time to leave behind too creamy and calorific desserts for something fresher.
Today I wanted to bake a strawberry tart, but instead of using the fruit only to decorate, I thought of preparing a strawberry cream and I added a little thyme to give more freshness, the crunchiness
instead comes from the cocoa lactose-free shortcrust pastry shell, and to finish fresh strawberries and shortcrust pastry flowers

Pasticci Fatati

Preparation Time:

45 Minutes

Rest Time:

3 hours at +4° C

Pasticci Fatati

Cooking Time:

17-20 Minutes

Pasticci Fatati



Pasticci Fatati

Cooking method:


Pasticci Fatati



Ingredients for the case:

  • 100 g lactose free butter;
  • 27 g yolk.
  • 157 g Flour 00 (110W);
  • 10 g Bitter cocoa.

Ingredients for the strawberry and thyme cream:

  • 60 g Strawberries;
  • 24 g Sugar;
  • 18 g Corn starch.
  • 180 g Rice milk;
  • A pinch of Thyme..

Ingredients for the decoration:

  • 1 Strawberry;
  • White chocolate stars s required.
  • Thyme as required;
  • Royal icing flower.


  • Pot;
  • Micro-perforated ring of 15 cm in diameter;
  • Ceramic pearls or dried beans;
  • Non-stick micro-perforated mat;
  • A kitchen pkaanetary mixer;
  • Whisk for sweets;
  • Hand blender;
  • Rolling pin (4mm of thickness).
fasi per preparare la frolla sablè al cacao pre la crostata pere e cioccolato

Prepare the cocoa sablé shortcrust pastry

In the planetary mixer with the leaf whisk, whip the butter with the sugar, flour and cocoa until you get a sandy consistency.
Add the egg yolks at speed 1, if the mixture is hard, raise the speed and using a spatula turn the mixture from bottom to top.
Form a loaf and let it rest in the fridge at + 4 ° C for at least 2 hours, to reduce resting times, make a longer and thinner loaf in order to increase the surface in contact with the cold

Bake the cocoa shortcrust pastry

Remove the dough from the fridge, roll out the pastry to a thickness of 4 mm and obtain the disc for the base of the tart, in the same way obtain the edge, place it inside the micro-perforated ring and cut the excess, if the strip is not enough, do not worry, any separation points will become fixed during cooking.
Place the ring in the refrigerator at + 4 ° C for at least 20 minutes, in the meantime preheat the convection oven to 185 ° C. Prepare the flowers for decoration, you can roll out the pastry to a thickness of 4 mm and obtain them with an ejection mold, or make these very simple. For each flower: create 6 balls of the same size, place one in the centre  engrave a V on the other 5 with the back of the knife, arrange the balls with the V around the one in the centre and place in the refrigerator.
Place the ring and the biscuits on a micro-perforated mat, place a sheet of baking paper inside the ring and fill it with ceramic balls, this last step is not necessary, but I recommend it.
Place in the oven, lower the temperature to 180 ° C and bake for 15 minutes, then remove the ceramic balls
and baking paper and put it back in the oven for the remaining time.
Allow the shell and decorations to cool.

fasi per cuocere il guscio di frolla sablé al cacao
fasi per preparare la crema alle fragole e timo

Prepare the strawberry and thyme cream

While the tart case cools, prepare the strawberry and thyme cream: pour the strawberries, thyme and sugarinto the hand blender jug and whisk, add the rice milk and blend further.

Pour the mixture into a pot, add the corn starch and mix with a hand whisk, put on a low heat and bring to a boil, when the cream has thickened, remove from the heat and allow to cool quickly.

Assemble the strawberry and thyme tart

Place the cocoa shortcrust pastry case on a sweet tray and fill it with the strawberry and thyme cream, level with a spatula and leave to rest in the refrigerator at + 4 ° C for at least 30 minutes.
Wash the strawberry to be used for decoration and with a sharp knife cut it lengthwise without reaching the stem, then open the strawberry into a fan and place it on the cake, decorate with cocoa shortcrust flowers, white chocolate stars, thyme and small royal icing flowers; place the latter them only when serving because in contact with the cream they will soften.

farcire ed assemblare la crostata alle fragole e timo
primo piano della crostata alle fragole e timo


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