zucchero alla violetta - violet sugar

Violet sugar

Violet Sugar

zucchero alla violetta

Violet Sufar

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In my sweets I like to include non-traditional flavours such as rose, lavender or violet, unfortunately these flowers aren’t available all year round in my garden, so I thought to create flavoured sugar to have always my favourite tastes available.

For my sugar I chose the violet, an edible flower that grows in gardens, rich in vitamins A and C, perfect for sweets, for tea, but also as a Christmas gift for friends, perhaps with lavender biscuits.

Pasticci Fatati

Preparation Time:

30 Minutes

Rest time:

24-48 Hours

Pasticci Fatati

Cooking time:

Pasticci Fatati


Pasticci Fatati

Cooking Method:

Pasticci Fatati




  • 100g sugar.
  • 10 g violet flowers.


  • Baking tray;
  • Thermomix.
fasi per preparare lo zucchero alla violetta

Prepare the violet sugar

First, collect the violets in a safe place, to be sure that they are not contaminated by pesticides or other substances, wash the violets to remove any insects, cut the stem and let them dry on absorbent paper.

Pour the flowers (leave it a small part to dry on the paper towel) and sugar into the Thermomix mug, activate it for a few seconds at a time to chop the flowers, in this way they will release the colour and essence of violet, be careful because the more you blend, the more the sugar will become fine, so regulate yourself as you like.

Spread the sugar on the baking tray and let it dry for 24-48 hours with the whole flowers, mix occasionally. Once dry, pour the sugar into an airtight glass jar.

zucchero alla violetta - violet sugar


  • When you prepare the violet sugar the colour is violet, but little by little it lightens

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